Surprise your employees, customers and business partners with a different kind of experience that recalls good old childhood memories. 

As a team building exercise participants design, create and build soap box vehicles which will then compete against each other in an exciting race.  The race with these hand-made machines will then show which team did the best job in constructing and building the vehicles.  

Team processing

Your employees will experience themselves and their colleagues in a totally new setting. Every participant finds his place and role (as constructor, designer, pilot or team leader) quickly while building the crafts.  


The challenging race and the award ceremony form the highlights of an exciting team day. 


This unique and innovative event really surprises your customers and business partners. Participants are catched by former memories and children's fantasies. 

Every team works on fully equipped assembly stations where these hand-made vehicles are designed and created. Music and a delicious snack buffet support the teams during the day. 

After the race and the ceremony the soap boxes may be donated to a charity organization. 


An unforgettable team day for all parties. 

The facts

Participants: from 20 to 500 

Event duration: from 3 to 6 hours

Location: your choice

Event concept organizes and guides the teams and participants through the day and event, sets up the assembly stations, the racing court and the launch pad, 

assists with experienced guides the working and building process and

sets up the sound system



awards (little soap box soaps)

video clipping of the team day

snacks and drinks



from 89 Euros / per person
excl. VAT

traveling cost of staff & locations costs